About GPMA

The Brazilian job market is being subject to several and constant transformation aiming to reflect the volatility, fluidity and world-wide globalization, without, however, losing its essence of protecting the rights of the workers therein inserted.

GPMA is a law firm specialized on Brazilian labor and employment matters, which acts in all fronts according to our clients needs.

Thus, we seek to comprehensively and profoundly know the context of each of our clients, maintaining a close and transparent relationship, grounded on mutual trust, ethic and professionalism.

In addition of enabling long-terms relationships, this also allows us to understand, anticipate and meet our clients’ needs as a manner to assist and counsel them on the practices and procedures related to labor and employment matters that go from the beginning (hiring) until end (termination) of the employment relationship, including strategies that enable talent retention and also optimize the business, always observing the labor legislation and possible economic-financial impacts.

For that, GPMA’s more concise structure allows a more personalized, flexible and cost-effective assistance without, in any moment, losing the focus on excellence and knowledge of the structure and practices adopted in the national and international markets acquired with the experience of our partners on well-known Brazilian law firms.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Create a trustful and long-term relationship with our clients through the understanding and anticipation of their needs, as well as contributing to the achievement of their respective goals, by means of high-quality, technically and socially responsible, efficient and customized legal labor and employment solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Become a reference on legal services in the labor and employment area, adding value to our clients' business and seeking balance between the interests of the business and of the employees.

Our Values

Our Values


·  Focus and adding value to the client.

·  Mutual respect and trust.

·  Cooperation and team spirit.

·  People appreciation.

·  Commitment and incentive to quality.

·  Constant development.

·  Responsibility and professionalism.

·   Enthusiasm.

·  Ethic, integrity and transparency.


New Times

At GPMA you have specialized lawyers to assist you on your challenges and to contribute with the achievement of your results!

Our Philosophy

Practical and High-quality Services

Practical and High-quality Services

GPMA's philosophy is to provide practical legal services, with high-quality and suitable to our clients individual needs, regardless of their size (whether they are international companies, local companies or even private individuals).

Trust and Responsibility

Trust and Responsibility

We aim to create and maintain with our clients a trustful and long-term relationship by providing them efficient solutions to their legal labor and employment issues, through a responsible, professional, enthusiastic, ethical, transparent and trustworthy services provision.

Comprehensive Assistance

Comprehensive Assistance

We try to effectively assist our clients so they may reach their goals, including working in partnership with law firms specialized in other areas of the Brazilian law to provide a more comprehensive assistance to any of their needs and demands.

Customized Assistance

Customized Assistance

Our services take into account the relevance of the task requested by and to the client and the parameters of the market in which it operates and develops its business, guaranteeing what is essential: legal certainty, efficient costs, appreciating people and seeking balance between the interests of the parties involved, all in accordance to our Mission, Vision and Values.

Services Offered

GMPA offers to its clients a complete range of services in the labor and employment area:

Legal advice to prevent or mitigate potential labor contingencies, as well as to obtain legal alternatives to reduce labor/payroll costs, for instance, through the definition of structure, negotiation and review of policies and practices adopted by the clients to adjust them to Brazilian law (e.g., variable compensation programs, profit sharing plans and carrier and salary plans), all in accordance to market practices and grounded on the legislation and jurisprudence.

Draft of advices, memorandums and legal opinions related to legal aspects of the labor routine and people management, which includes matters such as:

  • Hiring and termination of employees/executives/officers;
  • Short-term and long-term compensation plans applicable to employees and executives (including granting of stock options or restrictive stock units);
  • Structure and implementation of compensation plans and termination packages;
  • Outsourcing of activities; and
  • Changes introduced by the Labor Reform Law.
Finally, we also conduct and participate of interviews and compliance investigation processes aiming the compliance of the labor legislation.

Advice, draft, review and negotiation of agreements connected to different labor relationships, both for engagement, retention or termination, which includes the following documents:

  • Offer letters;
  • Employment agreements;
  • Services agreements for officers without employment status;
  • Intermittent work agreement;
  • Agreements for telecommuters;
  • Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements;
  • Retention bonus agreements;
  • Termination letters; and
  • Termination and release agreements.

Participation in labor due diligences processes under the context of corporate restructure, including draft of risk assessments and related post-closing measures, meaning:
  • Draft agreements for sellers and key-employees;
  • Draft amendment for employment agreements;
  • Implementation of transfer employees; and
  • Harmonization of employment terms and condition.
In addition, we also conduct internal due diligences aiming the analysis and review of our clients’ labor practices to mitigate potential contingencies.

Performance in administrative and judicial labor proceedings, as well as the respective necessary measures for their conduction, that includes:
  • Filing or defense of procedural measures on the labor sphere;
  • Conduction of hearings, meetings in chambers and oral argument hearings in all Labor Courts’ instances;
  • Procedural follow-up and draft of litigation reports;
  • Defense in administrative proceedings before the Regional Superintendence Labor Offices and Labor District Attorney Offices; and
  • Review of Settlement Agreements (Termos de Ajuste de Conduta – TAC) proposed by the Regional Superintendence Labor Offices or Labor District Attorney Offices.

Founding Partner

Giovanna Parga Martinez

Is a lawyer specialized on labor and employment law, acting with legal advices, due diligences and litigation (judicial and administrative). Works in the labor area since her internship (2005) and on well-known law firms of the city of São Paulo.

Full Curriculum:

  • Bachelor in Law by Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo – PUC/SP (2008).
  • Post-graduated in Labor Law and Labor Litigation Law by Escola Paulista de Direito – EDP (2012).
  • MBA on Human Development Management by Fundação Getúlio Vargas – FGV (2020) – Ongoing.
  • Participated in the Labor Arbitration Practical Course given in partnership with the Brazilian Commerce
    Chamber of Commerce (Câmara Americana de Comércio do Brasil – AMCHAM-Brasil) (2020).

Languages: Portuguese and English.

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For you that seeks a Labor Lawyer in São Paulo, GPM Assessoria Jurídica is a law firm specialized in Labor and Employment Law.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” 
(Martin Luter King)

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